Monthly Archives: September 2011

Hooray for Paro!!!


So today in order to protest, almost all of the students skipped school. I went to the mall with a friend, and over all it was a great day. There was paro (when all the students ditch) last Thursday too, and I am proud to announce that I haven’t been to Philosophy in 3 weeks. Not that I know what is going on anyways, but I think next time paro should be on a different day so at least the teacher knows I am still here.


Worst Exchange Student of the Year


So I’m pretty sure my host family is going to hate me. My host mom has a gluten allergy too so my mom sent us some gluten free brownie mix since that isn’t available here. I preheated the oven was mixing the patter and greasing the pan and as I was putting my un-finished masterpiece into the oven, tragedy struck. Turns out, my host family uses the oven for storage. Inside the oven were 4 pans (which are fine) and a splatter guard, which melted into the bottom. I felt terrible and was scrubbing the bottom for half an hour before I put the brownies in to bake. I really hope my host family doesn’t hate me.

Furthering My Education


My friends here do a lot of studying, mainly because Chile’s college is one of the most expensive in the world and scholarships are hard to come by. Anyways, since all my friends are busy my afternoon consists of getting home at 4, and getting on facebook. Then my parents get home around 7, i talk to them for a bit but then its back to facebook till dinner. After dinner I shower then get on facebook until I go to bed. Not only is this incredibly boring, but it isn’t good for homesickness either. And because of  the above facts, I have decided to begin online school. So now I will have something to fill my free time and also keep my mind sharp. I still have to enroll but those are just details.

Rotary Lunch


Today we had our orientation for the district and a total of 69 exchange students showed up. Thats right. My district has 69 exchange students. I didn’t get a chance to talk to or exchange pins and cards with even half of them but I met a lot of new friends, I mainly hung out with the New Zelanders because they have been here 9 months and were able to give me some very good advice about Chile. Today was a very long day and there has been a lot of input. I can honestly say that I can’t wait to go to bed.



Yesterday there was a blackout, I’m not really sure why. But I was able to gather that the lights get turned off when there is an earthquake (it was night last time so I didn’t notice). If there was an earthquake, I certainly didn’t feel it and neither did my family (of course we were in a car at the time….). We were driving down a highway and every light around us just shut off. I got to experience the feeling of right before an alien attack, without the aliens of course. Everything was completely dark, well as dark as anything can get in the city (still no stars), and my family literly didn’t know how to drive at night. They turned on all the lights in the car and broke out headlamps and such. Of course the car had headlights, but driving at night is completely different than driving during the day. Stoplights were out and lets just say it was not exactly a smooth ride the rest of the way there.

Long Week


Sorry I haven’t had time to post lately, I have been very busy with school. Since arriving I have had 5 unit quizzes of which I understood half of one (math). So for my biology history and one of the math quizzes (yes, 2 math quizzes!) I just bubbled random letters since they were multiple choice. The second math one was one where you had to talk through your answers, and I drew pictures that I thought explained everything quite well. (My teacher did not agree.) And by the time I had to take my 5th unit quiz (physics) of which I was not even here for the unit I was fed up of not understanding and decided to make the teacher laugh. I deciphered some of the questions that said things like “What are Newton’s 3 laws?” to which I responded: 1. Don’t eat apples that fall from trees, because they are bruised. 2. Fig Newtons are delicious. 3. My name is Newton not Nuetron. Each accompanied by my best illustration. I was at least able to do things like this in Spanish. I added things to the pictures so when the questions asked things like “this block weighs X and is traveling at a speed of X how far will it go if X force is applied?” I put an elephant in the way and said that the block wouldn’t go anywhere because there was an elephant in the way. When my teacher saw it he smiled, and I at least made some new friends who think I am pretty funny, so it was productive in at least one way. I am my fathers daughter.

Anyway, on Sunday my family and I went to a park to see a Chilean rodeo (cowboys on horses slamming cows into walls), fly kites (there was no wind) and eat Chilean food (steak kabobs and candy apples). It was a relaxing day in the sunshine. 🙂 Overall a good week so far.