What MIGHT turn out as the best weekend so far….


So Friday was teacher day, and we all got to wear street clothes to school. We did nothing in school (big surprise) and we were let out at 12:30. I then proceed to eat ice cream. For lunch. I also bought fabulously sparkly shoes and played Zumba on the Xbox kinect. That alone was a pretty great day, but then my friend from Brazil offered to take me to a party on Saturday. She told me that we would talk on facebook later that night. Well she hasn’t gotten online. And if she doesn’t, I will be quite mad since I rejected an invitation to go to a rugby game with other friends. This is why RIGHT NOW could be the turning point of my weekend. Will I sit around at home eating chocolate, or go to my first Chilean party. Check back tomorrow to see. 🙂



About christabou

I'm just your average blonde white girl from a small town in Colorado. I grew up going to school, skiing and most importantly, traveling. I like to think thats what sets me apart from the others my age. Ive been to Africa, Europe, Central and South America, and even lived for extended periods abroad. Its what I love to do, and here is where I write about it. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed living them!

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  1. Christa – Saw your Dad at the coffee shop last week & he mentioned the talent thing. 1st thought was some kind of reading probably humorous-you would really be great at it. Am loving your blog and really do you miss you at church, youth stuff and coffee. We are thinking of a mission trip in July. Do hope you will be home by then!! Rev. Jane has presented Alaska as the destination. Will require lots of fund raisers and hard work. We will have to decide certainly by early January. Sounds like everything is going well other than the education piece is lacking. Know you will do the online classes you need to come home as a Senior. Are the classes thru BYU? Maybe a respite from all the stress of AP classes and the constant demands your friends are experiencing here, is a good thing. However you days in Chili sound like they present different kinds of challenges, like the checking of your bus pass. Your headaches are concerning – can only trust you are taking care of yourself. You are pretty doggone special to me! Keep in touch – you are in my prayers & as a class we lift you up every Sunday as we light your Christ candle. A Jiiigooondo Hug to you – Love Ya, pam

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