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So far my attempts in the kitchen here have been fifty fifty. When I made brownies, I forgot to take the stuff out of the oven first, causing a pot to melt to the bottom of the oven. Then I made cookies, and they turned out perfectly. The other day I made an entire dinner for my host parents. I made a beautiful roast which I marinated all day in wine and spices. It turned out delicious and made great leftovers too. Then today my host mom received a package from her daughter. She got a popcorn machine for her Christmas present, and the instructions where in English and the machine was from the US so I offered to help with the set up and popping of the pop corn. I actually read the instructions, then plugged the machine in with my adapter (which I had not yet used) and then the kitchen was full of smoke. We invistigated and decided that I did nothing wrong, and that the adapter must be bad. We still wanted popcorn, so I offered to make it in the microwave the same way I make it at home. I got a paper bag from the cubbord and put the popcorn kernels in, folded it then turned the microwave on. It started popping like normal, and I thought nothing of it. Then about 30 seconds later my mom asked me if I smelled something burning. I checked the microwave and sure enough, the bag was on fire. Full out. Believe it or not i actually know what to do in this situation, and left the bag inside to suffocate the fire. This had NEVER happened to me before and I still have no idea why it caught on fire. Tomorrow’s plans include cleaning the microwave, packing for the beach (we are going to celebrate the new year), and getting out of the house. I don’t know what I am going to do yet but I made a promise to myself that I would not spend all day online watching my favorite TV shows again.


Feliz Navidad!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is having a splendid time during the holiday season, and enjoying the time off from school and work just like me. Here Christmas is quite a bit different than in the U.S. First of all, I’m dying of heat. Second, no one sleeps. Yesterday I talked to my parents around 3, then I helped my host mom make dinner. One set of my Grandparents came over, we ate turkey, like most Americans except not the entire turkey (more like what we cut lunch meat off of), rice and salad followed by about 3 courses of dessert. After dinner, it was midnight so we all opened our gifts. Thank you everyone for everything, i really appreciate everything especially the fact that you all still think about me even though I am so far away. After gift opening, we went to my other Grandparent’s house, where there was more food and more presents, but on that side of the family we played Secret Santa, so everyone got one nice gift instead of  a bunch of little ones. I got some pajamas, a bag and some lip gloss. They told me it was for new year’s. I’m not sure what that magical combination is but I will find out soon. We went home at 5 in the morning, slept for a few hours then my little siblings came over to open their presents. Everyone loved their gifts. Right now I am in my first set of Grandparent’s house, where we will spend all day and eat a bit lunch probably around 5. Christmas has come to an end, and it is still weird to think that I am sweating. I hope everyone has a great time with their friends and family. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Thank You!


Thank you so much to everyone for all of the thoughts and prayers, it is getting close to Christmas and I admit that I am starting to miss home a bit, especially the snow. Today I received a package from my grandma and grandpa and it really brightened up my day. I have yet to open the perfectly wrapped gifts, but I know that whatever is inside i will love. Thank you to everyone else for all of the Christmas gifts, including the money from you Meme’re. I haven’t decided what I am getting yet but I will be sure to post pictures later. The next few days are going to be a little hectic, with Christmas and all of my friends from the southern hemisphere leaving to go home, I have a pretty full schedule. I promise to post a big Christmas blog with pictures and traditions and the whole nine yards. Thank you so much to everyone!



I would like to take this time to ask you all a question that my friend and I have been puzzling for quite some time. EVERY SINGLE Chilean has either 1 or 2 scars the size of dimes on their left arm. When we  asked them about it, they said its from a vaccine they are required to get when they are infants. What I want to know is, what terrible vaccine could this be, and how is it administered? I have several theories, and I don’t know if any of them are true. Some say it is the way they deliver the small pox vaccine, which they think is done in Chile by slicing off skin, putting a few drops of the vaccine on the open wound and then slapping the skin on before it dies and wrapping it REALLY REALLY tightly. This seems a bit un-realistic to me. I know they have syringes here and I haven’t a clue why they wouldn’t use them (as I’ve seen this scarring on infants). The second theory I’ve heard is that the doctors use live bacteria for their shots, and in the U.S. we use dead bacteria. This live bacteria is a bit scarier than the former option if you ask me, being injected with live polio virus or smallpox is not something you want to think about before you go to bed at night.

Either way, I’m looking for answers. I am having a pretty bad sore throat right now, and when my dad mentioned the possibility of strep i literally shivered at the thought of going to a doctor. If you have any more theories, feel free to leave a comment below and help me out with my little mystery. 🙂

Rainforest Cafe


Today we had our final Engish exam, and part of things we were judged on was listening. I have to say, it was hilarious. I was cracking up the entire time. The people on the discs speak with British or Scottish accents and it is obvious they are fake. While I am having a laughing fit in the back of the class everyone else is passing around what they call the “goma magica” (magical eraser) on which they write the answers then generously share with the rest of the class. Next comes the part where you read a story, then answer questions about it. The one we read for the test was about a girl’s trip to the Rainforest Cafe. Again, I sat in the back cracking up. It was wonderful. She described the delicious food and the adventurous atmosphere. I myself have only been twice, (once with my adorable little cousins and the other time to go book shopping with my mom and “Tracy Tree”) and both times i found the food disgusting and the atmosphere chaotic. We had differing opinions but in the end… I was able to laugh at her silly accent. 🙂

Realization About Chilean Culture


As some of you may know, I love to read. This isn’t completely unheard of in the USA, and while it might be a little uncommon for someone my age to say that and actually mean it, I still don’t get the looks of utter surprise that I have been getting here. None of my friends read. At all. Ever. Today I found out why. I decided that I would finally start reading in Spanish. Since the new Hunger Games book is coming out soon, I decided I would re-read the books in Spanish beforehand. Un-able to find it for kindle, I stopped by the bookstore in the mall. They are charging forty dollars for a paperback edition. FORTY. 40. This is ridiculous. And completely un-acceptable. I am very frustrated and am looking for suggestions on how to spend my summer break. If you have any, feel free to comment.