Best Meal in Chile


Today my friend from Canada was a little shaken up after the earthquake (no pun intended) so we decided to have a fun day in the center of Santiago. Our first stop was Santa Lucia, a fort which was originally Spanish, then taken over by the French. I’m not exactly sure how accurate this is, but the Canadian said so. There are 2 distinct types of architecture in the fort, near the base is French and towards the top is Spanish. The change is very noticeable and the fort is very famous. 


Our next stop was lunch. After hiking around for a couple hours, we decided that refreshments were well deserved. In all honesty, I have to say that this was my best meal in Chile, and it wasn’t even Chilean food. We went to a Peruvian restaurant, and I was in heaven. It was like a little bubble outside of Santiago. the waiters were courteous, the food came quickly, and after a while I was convinced that even the air was cleaner. It is rumored that Chileans breed their cows to have more fat, because they think it means more flavor. I have gotten used to cutting off half of my meat because of this gruesome fact, yet was pleasantly surprised at this restaurant. I was able to eat 100% of my meat, and the risoto was to die for. they even put in the extra effort of presentation which for some reason seems to be frowned upon everywhere else. It was a great day in the end and well worth the 2 dollar trip in the subway. Its nice to know that not everywhere in Santiago is the same. Its nice to have a change sometimes.



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I'm just your average blonde white girl from a small town in Colorado. I grew up going to school, skiing and most importantly, traveling. I like to think thats what sets me apart from the others my age. Ive been to Africa, Europe, Central and South America, and even lived for extended periods abroad. Its what I love to do, and here is where I write about it. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed living them!

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